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Client feedback on placenta remedies and services provided by Good for Mumma


“I always thought placentas were a bit gross and didn't even look at my daughters placenta when she was born. When I became pregnant with my son I was talking to my friends about how worried I was about the recovery in the weeks after birth when I would have a toddler to look after as well. The recovery after my daughter was awful, I didn't leave the house for 2 weeks and I just couldn't face it again. She told me about placenta remedies and I decided to look into it. After a lot of research, I decided to give it a go. It may not work, but it wouldn't do any harm to try. 

Louise wasn't actually the doula I booked to do my placenta remedies but unfortunately my doula was on a holiday when my son was born so Louise came to my house. She was so lovely that I instantly loved her. She used excellent aseptic technique when preparing my smoothies (I'm a nurse so I should know!) and I was confident that it was being treated in a clean and professional manner. 

The smoothies were delicious - I could only taste fruit and the effects were incredible. After my daughter was born I lay on the sofa crying for 6 days with low mood, vaginal pain and engorged breasts. 2 days after my son was born I went on a mile long dog walk, despite my injuries actually being worse! I had loads of energy, no hormonal crash on day 3 like I did the first time and no breast engorgement. My milk came in as usual but without that day of agony! 

After the smoothies ran out I moved onto the capsules. The difference between the post partum periods with both children was incredible. I had no baby blues, had energy despite having a 1 year old and a new baby and really felt I had good hormonal balance. Now, 1 year on, I use the tincture for PMS and it really seems to boost me. Louise checked on me regularly, giving me prompts to take the pills at known 'hormonal drops' such as 3 months post partum. She was so lovely and down to earth and I knew she was always available if I had any questions. 

I work in a complex area of medicine which uses some of the most advanced treatment in the world. I have always been so sceptical of 'alternative therapies' but I can't stop raving about placental remedies. Worth every penny.”

Debz from Northwich, a mother of two and a Macmillan Nurse.  
Remedies chosen: Smoothie, Steamed Capsules & Tincture.


"Having researched into Placenta Encapsulation and all the other remedies I knew it was something I wanted to do after the birth of my baby. It`s the most natural source of replacing lost vitamins and minerals and helps with postnatal depression. 

Louise came highly recommended and I can`t thank her enough for making my request a priority so near to my due date! I felt like she had dropped everything to accommodate my request and went the extra mile to support and guide me through the whole process. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

The whole event ran very smoothly and my pills were delivered very promptly. Since then Louise kept in touch weekly to see how I was and adding a very personal touch to each message which was very touching.

I cannot recommend her enough and all being well, I will use Louise`s services for baby number 2!! "
Lizette from Knutsford, a mother of one (so far!) and a business owner.  Remedies chosen: Steamed Capsules.


"Louise was extremely helpful and made my entire placenta experience really personal.  The whole process was very quick and easy. We were given simple information on how to store my placenta prior to collection. 

I received regular communication from Louise regarding my capsules, what to expect, when to take them to maximise their effect. For example I did not know about a hormonal dip which can occur at 3,6 and 9 months and so Louise would message me to see how I was getting on and to remind me to take my capsules around these times. 

I had never done this before as this was my first child, however I felt a good benefit from the capsules especially in the early days post birth, in terms of helping boost my energy and mood. 

I would definitely recommend Louise in the future”

Vicki from Sandbach cheshire, a mother of one and a Physiotherapist.  Remedies chosen: Simple Dried Capsules.


"I had a rough ride with baby 1, prolonged recovery from an emergency section and severe post natal depression. I wanted to do everything I could to avoid this a second time. I contacted Louise when I was researching placenta encapsulation and it's benefits, she telephoned me and spent time answering my questions, it was an easy decision to make!

The whole process Louise has been amazing! I recommend her services to everyone I know, my recovery this time was speedy and I've avoided any ill mental Health.  I still take my placenta when I need it, without it who knows how I would be feeling now."
Laura from stockport, a mother of two and Physiotherapist.  
Remedies chosen: Steamed Capsules.


"I'm a massive advocate for placenta encapsulation. I tell every pregnant lady about it.  

During a hypnobirthing course I was given a leaflet on placenta encapsulation. I was really intrigued by it and remembered seeing a programme on TV about it a few years before getting pregnant. I asked my hypnobirthing teacher about it and was encouraged to hear that she had had her placenta encapsulated and swore by it, so I thought why not do my research and try it so I contacted a lady who then put me in touch with Louise. From the offset Louise was incredibly friendly and I could tell she was genuinely excited for the journey my husband and I were embarking on and even more excited that I wanted to get my placenta encapsulated. This made me feel like this was totally the right choice for me.

After taking the pills I honestly can say that I felt fantastic, yes I was tired and sleep deprived but I felt that I had lots of energy. I also felt good in myself which I actually feel was down to the placenta pills. I know this because I decided to save around 25 pills for a later date. It was around 3/4 months I started to feel really lethargic and quite emotional, so I decided to start taking the pills again, and within days of retaking the pills I started to feel so much better- lots of energy and my mood and general sense of well-being was in a way restored. What I found also great was that Louise would often text me and message me to see how I was getting on, which was fantastic avd so supportive. I am a total advocate for placenta encapsulation, in my experience it really does work and is well worth the investment. The aftercare support from Louise is superb- I can not recommend highly enough." 
Lisa from Manchester, a mother of one and Regional Sales Manager.  Remedies chosen: Steamed (TCM) Capsules.

“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent experience we had with you. I was thrilled with the effects of the smoothie, my milk came in quickly and I felt I had the energy to take care of a newborn and toddler! It also tasted just like a normal fruit smoothie. You were so friendly and reassuring when you came to our home. The capsules were then delivered quickly and the presentation was brilliant. I am also chuffed with the placenta print you so generously did for us. 

I was sceptical at first, certainly about a raw smoothie but it was totally worth it! I would certainly be doing it again if we have any more children and would recommend Louise every time.

Thanks so much.”

Hannah from Macclesfield, a mother of two and Primary School Teacher. Remedies chosen:  Smoothie and steamed capsules.


"A friend put me in touch with Louise as it came up in conversation that I was looking for preventative measures to PND using a more natural approach. Louise was very helpful when we spoke on the phone and not at all pushy about using her services. She gave me time to read all the information she provided me with to help make my decision as to whether to proceed. I felt it was the right thing to do and went ahead and made the order with her. When it came to providing us with the storage pack we'd had a few missed texts from one another. As it was she came round and dropped of the bag and on meeting her face to face for the first time my waters broke! It was quite an unusual situation but she was incredibly calm and there was something comforting about her presence. The next time we spoke was when she delivered my capsules. Louise has also maintained contact to check in, as such, which has been a nice touch. If you are looking for alternative health remedies and methods I would recommend Louise, I felt she provided a very personal service."
Kate from Manchester, a mother of one and a Heritage Specialist. Remedies chosen: Half & Half. 


"I'm so glad I met Lou. I suffered with PND after my 1st child and I wanted to try to minimise or eliminate the possibility of this occurring again after my 2nd baby. The whole process was easy, quick and amazingly efficient. I was so happy with the outcome, I managed a lot better having the encapsulation to help me after the birth. My husband called them my 'anti-cry pills'. I would highly recommend."
Kathryn from Didsbury, a mother of two and a Physiotherapist.  
Remedies chosen: Steamed Capsules.


"I first become interested in Placenta Encapsulation after I'd been told I was at high risk of postnatal depression and I'd heard it could help with the 'baby blues'.  I didn't know much more then this at the time so I was very grateful to be put in touch with Louise, who was so knowledgeable and passionate to speak to.

I decided that it was worth trying as I was sure it must have been something that was done as a matter of course many years ago.

I am very pleased to report that is worked really well for me and I experienced positive effects I wasn't even expecting.

Louise is very professional and personable, and supported us all, through the whole process; she couldn't have made it easier for us at what could have been a very stressful time.  She sends updates, which have helped to reassure me as a new Mum and was very adaptable in a changing situation.  Nothing is too much trouble and she is always so upbeat.  I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her to find out more!"

Anna from Salford, mother of one and Lecturer/ Freelance Designer.  Remedies chosen: Smoothie and Simple Dried Capsules.


"I decided to get my placenta encapsulated because I experienced severe PND with my first baby, and was frankly terrified of that happening again with number two! I have had my ups and downs, but nothing even close to the lows that I experienced with my first baby. I would recommend it to anyone who was considering it. Louise was so friendly and accommodating, super professional and made the whole experience easy as pie! I couldn't have asked for a better person to be sorting this out for me in those first hours and days after the arrival of my little one. Helpful, supportive, unobtrusive, and a ray of sunshine. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again and would definitely choose Louise to do the job!"
Gemma from Chorlton, a mother of two.  
Remedies chosen: Steamed Capsules.


"I had initially heard about placenta encapsulation when Coleen Rooney spoke about it and for me it was initially a vanity project...simply to help me lose baby weight. As I looked into it more, I discovered it could also help energise me and possibly ward off PND.

Louise was absolutely amazing-so informative, friendly and approachable. She really took her time to get to know me, my reasons behind wanting to do it and gave me excellent advice on which products to go for.

My birth plans changed quite a bit towards the end of my pregnancy and she was so supportive and positive at every turn. It was like meeting an old friend when we met up!

She gave very clear instructions on placenta collection and how to work with the midwives  (who were also very supportive, as was my husband). Louise came to collect my placenta late at night and delivered it in smoothie form the next morning. It was great for me to introduce her to my baby at just a few hours old.

The placenta smoothie was delicious and amazing- discharged 19hrs after an urgent cesarean section and I felt truly fantastic. My milk came in, in abundance, which I also credit to the smoothie.

The capsules I take about every week or two weeks, very much as and when I need them for energy or hormonal balance. Louise even messaged me at 3 months to tell me I may have a hormonal surge and to maybe take a couple of capsules. I can't recommend Louise or placenta remedies highly enough and will absolutely do it again if we're lucky enough to have any more children."
Mother of one from Preswich and a Corporate Communications Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa
Remedies chosen: Smoothie and Half & Half Capsules.