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Placenta Remedies

Next Steps

What to do and what you need to know once you have decided you would like remedies made from your placenta.

Next Steps

If you’re ready to book your placenta remedies or have any queries you would like resolving prior to booking, I can be contacted through any of the methods detailed at the bottom of the page or via the Contact Me section. 

Placenta remedies booking form with good for momma placenta remedies logo in the top left corner and other supporting paperwork laid out on a table to show what a mum in Manchester would receive when enquiring about placenta remedies.

Once you’ve notified me you’re ready to proceed, you will be sent an email with four attachments: 

  • The first is the Information Guide for Expectant Mothers which provides an overview about the Placenta, remedy options, reported side effects and circumstances where services cannot be offered.

  • The second attachment is a Placenta Care document for your birth partner, midwife and or Doula to provide information on the correct handling of the placenta.

  • The third attachment contains the Placenta Chilling Instructions, providing information on how topackage the placenta for efficient cooling and safe transportation.

  • The final attachment is the booking form.

Whether you are planning a home or a hospital birth, it is advisable that you have a placenta pack ready for going to hospital so that you can ensure the safe packaging of the placenta to allow for later consumption. For a £50 refundable deposit I can supply a placenta pack and this will be given to you ideally no less than three weeks before your due date.  Alternatively you can create your own placenta pack that needs to contain the following items:

  • A 2 - 2.5 Ltr water tight container

  • A Large zip lock food bag

  • A cool bag

  • 7 x 400ml ice blocks (or enough to make up 10% of the cool bag volume in ice blocks)

  • A carrier bag to ensure the ice blocks can be secured tightly around the container when in the cool bag.

Placenta pack showing all that is included in the pack with ice block laid out and the placenta container and supporting paperwork with my dedicated placenta workspace used as the backdrop.

Dedicated placenta kitchen workspace in Manchester showing hygienic and professional setup with stainless steel worktops and safely stored equipment.

Send me a text message when your labour starts or your waters break so that I can make arrangements to be ready when the placenta arrives.  Text day or night and I will collect the placenta from your home or the hospital as soon as I am able and usually between the hours of 8am and 10pm.  I process your placenta in my home where I have a separate, purpose built kitchen specifically created for the processing of placenta remedies. 

Your placenta remedies should be processed and ready for hand delivery, collection or next day recorded delivery within no more than 48 hours of the placenta’s collection.